Attendance Monitoring

  • As per the Bangalore University norms, 75% attendance in each subject is the minimum requirement for examination eligibility. However, as part of the St Claret College academic culture, the College holds it mandatory that every student shall put in at least 85% of actual attendance. Failure to achieve 85% of attendance will invite suitable censures.
  • Students with attendance below the required level will not be permitted to appear for the university examination.
  • In case of a genuine and urgent need to take leave, the students have to meet the HOD of their respective department with the duly-filled leave of absence form (it is available in the office) at least a day before. The request has to be duly signed by the parent/guardian. At the same time, the record of absence in the Handbook, duly-filled and attested by the parent/guardian also needs to be brought to the HOD for his/her attestation. The record of absence in the Handbook is to be produced in the class when lecturers ask for it. Leave of absence for more than two consecutive days can be granted only by the Principal or the Vice-Principal.
  • Application for leave of absence may be rejected by the HOD if he/she is not satisfied with its genuineness and it will be considered only if the overall attendance is above 75%.
  • When absence is caused by unforeseen events, a hand-written application for leave signed by the student and parent/guardian and the duly-filled record of absence in the Handbook will have to be produced to the HOD before the student seeks entry into the class.
  • If a student fails to attend classes without sufficient reason and prior permission as mentioned above, suitable punitive measures will be initiated
  • A student who is absent from classes for two weeks or more continuously without the written permission of the principal/vice-principal will be considered to have left the College.

Regulations of Bangalore University Regarding Attendance

  1. Each semester shall be taken into consideration for the purpose of calculating attendance.
  2. A student shall be considered to have completed a semester if he/she attended not less than 75% of the number of working periods in each of the subjects of study during the said semesters and if his/her conduct and progress have been satisfactory.
  3. The college shall notify the attendance of each student at the end of every month. The college will also certify to the effect that the candidate has satisfied the attendance requirement of the course in the examination to application form, which is to be forwarded to the university.