Business Club

The Business Club of SCC provides the claretines a comprehensive understanding of the cultural, financial, national and international economic issues that affect business activities. The club regularly organizes programmes like extension lectures, seminars and industrial interactive sessions to cater to the industrial demands.

Mission of Business Club

The mission of Business Club at St. Claret College is to provide an informal platform for commerce students to interact and to equip themselves with skills and competence required for their careers.

The following are some of the leading activities of the Business Club

  • Drama
  • Book-reading
  • Debate
  • Business Quiz
  • Presentation Skills- Competitions
  • Role Play
  • Stress Interview
  • New Business Idea Generation (Competition)
  • Profile Presentation
  • Guest Lectures on relevant topics
  • Organizing Annual Business Fest- Crescensia
  • Team Building Exercise
  • Group Discussion
  • Product Dumb Charades
  • Product Launch Enactments
  • Treasure Hunts
  • Ad Presentations
  • Industrial Interaction