Christian Students’ Association (CSA)

Christian Students Association (CSA) is an inter-denominational student body in the campus to bring Christian students to deepen their faith; work for Christ and be true witnesses of Him. There are numerous activities throughout the year for this purpose, from small group gatherings and weekly Bible studies to retreats, competitions, and Holy Eucharistic celebrations.

CSA promotes youth taking action for Christ. Translating their faith into action, the members address today's pressing concerns like HIV and AIDS, climate change, social, gender, and economic equity, and many other issues, bringing God's message of hope and reconciliation to a fragmented, hurting world.

Vision of CSA:

"That they may have life" and become true witnesses of Christ.

Mission of CSA:

To nourish and inculcate faith, hope and love in our students through worship and service.


  • Games & Competitions
  • Visit to orphanage / old age home
  • Christmas celebrations
  • Shalom- CSA Annual Fest
  • Fund Raising for Charitable Activities
  • Weekly prayer meetings
  • Holy Mass
  • Retreat
  • Leadership Training
  • Movie screening