Fests at SCC

SCC places great emphasis on organizing extra and co-curricular activities. The goal behind this emphasis is to bring about a holistic development in the students. A number of annual fests are organized at the inter and intra-collegiate levels. The following is the list of such fests:

Inter-Collegiate Events

Event Organisers
RESONANCE, Inter- Collegiate Humanities Fest Humanities Club
CRESCENCIA, , Inter- Collegiate Commerce Fest Business Club
TECHNOVATION- Inter-collegiate IT Fest IT Club
ANVESHAN- inter-college Management fest Management Club
MAYURIKA, inter-collegiate Cultural fest Cultural and Arts Club
SCC Football Tournament Sports Club
SCC Athletics Meet Sports Club

Intra-Collegiate Events

Event Organisers
RECIPRO- festival of cultures and food (Cultural integration fest) Student Council
EUPHORIA- annual intra-college arts, cultural and literary competitions Cultural and Arts Club
WATERLOO- annual games competitions between students and staff Sports Club
ATHENIA- Annual intra-college games and athletics competitions Sports Club