Continuous Internal Assesment

Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) and its Internal Assessment

Starting with the academic year 2014-15 Bangalore University has introduced Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) in all the Undergraduate and Postgraduate Programmes with multiple exit options. As per this system the subjects of study are quantified in terms of credits and they include foundation, core and skill development courses. The co-curricular and extra-curricular activities are also quantified in terms of credits.

The following are some of the important components of CBCS:

  • 1. Foundation Courses in CBCS

The following are compulsory papers in the first, second and third semesters, one in each semester:

  • 1) Constitution of India and Human Rights
  • 2) Environment and Public Health
  • 3) Computer Applications and Information Technology.

2. Co-curricular and Extra-Curricular Activities (CC & EC)

A student shall opt for one of the following activities offered in the college, in each of the first four semesters of the undergraduate programmes. The activity carries a credit each and will be internally assessed for 50 marks. These activity-heads are:

  • 1. Extension Activities – (NSS, SAF, Women’s Empowerment Club and Environment Club)
  • 2. Sports Activities – (All Sports related)
  • 3. Cultural Activities – (Cultural, Arts, Literary and Music)
  • 4. Department Activities – (Management Club [BBA], Business Club, E- Cell & Tourism Club [BCom & BCom T &T], IT Club [BCA] and Humanities Club [BA]

3. Skill Development Courses

CBCS will have three skill development courses in the fourth, fifth and sixth semesters, one in each semester. The courses may include the following:

  • 1. Entrepreneurship
  • 2. Communication skills
  • 3. Life Skills and Personality Development
  • 4. Human Resource Development
  • 5. Indian History, Culture and Diversity
  • 6. Banking and Finance
  • 7. Capital and stock market

4. Internal Assessment in CBCS

According to CBCS, 30% marks are allotted for internal assessment. In alignment with the norms of Bangalore University, the internal assessment marks shall be based on attendance, tests, seminars and assignments. 30 marks assigned for internal assessment shall be divided into the following components:

Component Criterion Marks Allotted
Attendance 75-100 % 5
Mid-semester Examinations 10
Preparatory Examinations 10
Assignments/ Presentations 5
Total 30

A candidate should have a minimum 75% attendance per semester, in each paper to be permitted to take the end-semester examinations. The marks for attendance will be awarded as follows:

Attendance Percentage Marks Allotted
91-100 5
86-90 4
81-85 3
75-80 2


Percentage of Marks Grade Interpretation
85-100 A+ Outstanding
75-84 A Very Good
65-74 B Good
55-64 C Average
45-54 D Below Average
40-44 E Poor
39 and below F Fails
FA Fails due to absence/attendance shortage


5. Current Affairs Forum

Current Affairs Forum at SCC aims to instill in the students an ardent desire to keep them abreast of the latest and most important events that happen in the world. Those Claretines who are members of Current Affairs Forum are encouraged to read news papers and magazines and by making use of the wall space allotted to them, they display most important events for a wider circulation of latest news to the student community. Along with encouraging reading habits of Claretines, Current Affairs Forum also prepares Claretines for competitive examination like civil service examination, Bank examination, CAT, MAT, and public service Commission Examination. The forum is also focusing to make the students to be part of the global community and to make them learn about the culture outside of their own. It also helps them in their campus placement drive.

December 4, Commencement of I, III semester Theory Examination.
December 1, Issuing of Hall Tickets for II and III Year Degree Students.
December 28, Last Examination Date 2017.
November 10,International Conference.