Social Action Forum (SAF)

Social Action Forum (SAF) is a students’ movement for a just and humane society. In line with the core values, mission and vision of SCC, the forum intends to inculcate social responsibility in the students. It facilitates holistic development of students by involving them in social action. SAF provides leadership advocacy, planning and delivery of financial and social services in partnership with public and private organizations. Rural exposure camps, visit to Sumanahalli social project, child development programmes and women empowerment programmes are some of the components of SAF.


To have a society where the youth function effectively for the uplift of downtrodden and contribute positively to the development of communities throughout the region, nation and world.


To enhance the quality of life and self-sufficiency of people in need of financial and social services and inspire students to protect vulnerable people including children, older adults and the disabled from abuse, neglect and exploitation to become the leaders in social transformation.

Activities of SAF

  • Organizing Competitions for children in the College Campus
  • Essay Writing, Poster Making and Debate Competitions on Socially relevant issues
  • Demographic survey of neighborhood for assessment of required intervention
  • Visit to rural schools
  • Awareness programme on road safety
  • Computer literacy programme for the neighborhood in the college
  • Fund Raising drive for Education of the less privileged
  • Medical Camp for the students, poor people and for the neighbourhood
  • Awareness Rallies on Dignity of Women, Environmental Issues, Health and Hygiene
  • Visit to slums
  • Fund Raising drive for Education of the less privileged
  • Visit to Sumanahalli Leprosy Rehabilitation Centre
  • Unit inauguration and selection of representatives
  • Enrolment for SAF