Sports Club

The Sports Club is established to develop athleticism, to keep students healthy in body and in mind. The Club provides coaching in athletics and games for committed performers. The Sports Club takes up the responsibility of organizing the intra-collegiate events like Athenia (intra-collegiate athletics and games) and Waterloo (games competitions between faculty and students). Organizing Inter-collegiate athletics meet and tournaments are also the responsibilities of the Sports Club. Regular coaching is provided for athletics, football, basketball, Cricket and Volleyball. The College has a full-time Physical Education Instructor who takes care of the activities of the Sports Club. The Claretines have won sporting accolades at the inter-collegiate, university and inter-university levels.

Major Events

  • Regular Coaching in Games and Athletics
  • Inter-collegiate Tournaments
  • Inter-collegiate Athletics Meet
  • Waterloo- Annual games competitions between faculty and students
  • Athenia- Annual Intra-collegiate Athletics and Games Competitions for the students