The Management

St Claret College is established by the Claretian Missionaries of the Province of Bangalore, a Congregation of Catholic Priests and Brothers. The Congregation of Claretian Missionaries (also called Missionary Sons of the Immaculate Heart of Mary) was founded on July 16, 1849 by St Anthony Mary Claret, in Spain. At present, there are over 3000 Claretians working in 70 countries. On fire with love for God in Jesus Christ and fellow human beings, they engage in pastoral, social and educational endeavors for the promotion of human life and dignity.

In India, there are over 600 Claretians working in eleven states. They serve the poor and the marginalized through pastoral and spiritual animation, educational endeavors, care for the leprosy-affected, drug addicts, HIV and AIDS affected, ex-prisoners, the blind, the differentially-abled, tribals and dalits. In India, they run more than 30 educational institutions, which include schools and institutes of higher learning.

The Claretian Missionaries, with the aim of providing holistic and quality education to the student community of Bangalore, in tune with its proclaimed mission of responding creatively to the needs of God’s people, established St. Claret Educational Society, Bangalore in 1989 and opened St Claret School in the same year. The Society entered into the second phase of its educational services in the academic year 2002-2003 by opening St Claret PU College in order to respond to the growing need for quality and value-based higher education. The third phase was inaugurated in the campus by establishing St Claret College as an affiliated college of Bangalore University in the academic year 2005 – 2006. The venture has been a natural process of evolution of the wider vision and commitment of the Claretians to develop their educational activities into a major project in order to serve the neighborhood communities through an education that seeks to equip the students with skills for their personal and professional lives and meaningful contribution to the formation of a civilization of love.

The following members hold managing positions of the College:

General Manager:
Rev. Dr. James Kannamthanam, CMF

General Administrator:
Rev. Fr. Joseph Panthiruvelil, CMF

Manager :
Rev. Fr. Varghese Karukulathel, CMF

Rev. Fr. Joseph Mathew, CMF

Principal :
Rev. Dr. Sabu George, CMF

Vice Principal :
Rev. Fr. Vineeth George, CMF