About the Dept and its History

The Department of Humanities is the heart and soul of intellectual, aesthetic, creative and humanitarian discourses of St. Claret College. It is an invigorating space enlivened by a diverse and vibrant student community, eager to carve out their own niche. Keeping the heart beating are the dedicated and accomplished faculty members of the department whose goal is to help students shape a befitting future for themselves. They ensure an intellectually stimulating environment by emulating the idea of teachers as learning facilitators, knowledge guide and co-learners with students.

Established with the inception of the college in 2005, the department subsumes a broad range of socially relevant disciplines –Psychology, English, Sociology, Journalism, Economics and Political Science – addressing the demands and issues of the times. With only 11students in the academic year 2005-06, the department has grown leaps and bounds with considerable growth in the student strength over the years. It plays a definitive role in moulding the young minds into intellectuals and humanitarians who are not confined by the existing boundaries of knowledge and go on to set their own standards of excellence.

Going by the practice of ‘learning beyond books’, the department organises regular talks, guest lectures, workshops and seminars by eminent personalities. We organise an inter-collegiate fest – ‘Resonance’- and an array of academic events including two national conferences every year, with the student community leading from the front. In addition to these, we offer certificate courses, a diploma programme in advanced English speaking skills, avenues in clubs and associations where the students realise and refine their creative, intellectual and critical bent of mind.

The Department’s vision and mission are aligned with the institution’s vision and mission.