B.A EPE (Economics, Psychology, Optional English)

EPO is a blend of interdisciplinary subjects like Economics, Psychology and Optional English. This combination is the minimum requirement for most careers and fosters students to develop exceptional skills required for a wide range of employment areas. Students’ options are not just limited to careers in one subject because of this triple major combination which gives them a basic knowledge of three different subjects. There are many employers, representing many different sectors of industries who are interested in the excellent observational, writing skills and strong subject knowledge in students of this background.


Another subject St. Claret has to offer is Economics. Economics is the practical and theoretical science of the production and distribution of wealth. It is based around the system of the production, buying and selling of goods and services. Pursuing a degree in economics can prepare students for a career in banking, academics, or any commerce-related field. The scope for this subject is huge. Students can combine their knowledge of economics with a flair for writing and can work as a financial journalist. It is to be kept in note that the demand for economics teachers in educational institutions is growing in India and foreign universities.


Political Science is the study of politics and different political aspects of a country. It involves the study of government, non- governmental organizations and interest groups/pressure groups. Political Science often studies the workings of government, state, international relations, political economy, foreign policies, public administration, unions, Information Technology and other academic fields. It also deals with the knowledge on non-political aspects concerned with law and administration which hassimilar influence with governmental functions. The discipline aims atimparting knowledge on politics – conceptual, theoretical and practicaloutcomes. This subject enables the individual to learn and understand the art of governance, administration and politics.


Pertaining to Optional English, itendeavours to equip the students with literatures from around the world.Students get ample opportunities to work on their English writing skills and explore the field of the written word through clubs like Literary Club and Writing Club. Some of the career options laid open to students from this stream include teaching, research, publishing houses, writing for national, regional and local newspapers, magazines,media, online publications and companies involved in public relations,corporate communications, content writing and marketing.