A two-day Faculty Development Program on ‘Institutional Branding through Enhanced Organizational Commitment of Faculty’ was held at St. Claret College on August 11-12, 2017. Dr. Jonas Richard A., Director, CCPD; Dr. Justin Nelson Michael, Director, Centre of Research and Dr. Aloysius Edward, Dean of Department of Management, Kristu Jayanti College. The first session on ‘Organisational Commitment’ was a real eye-opener for all the faculty members on how to perceive organizational commitment, role of educational leaders and the challenges faced by them. The next session on ‘Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teachers’ touched on the basic paradigms of human interactions, time management matrix and how to build our physical, spiritual, social, and mental quotient. The third session was on ‘Building on the Uniqueness of St. Claret College’. Dr. Aloysius Edward laid out various strategies to build the brand of the institution. The second day touched on topics such as ‘Branding through Holistic Education’, ‘Team work in Claret: Transition from Faculty Number to Faculty Member’ and ‘Stress Management for Teachers in Higher education’. The FDP was highly effective, informative and influential and helped the participants in inculcating a sense of belongingness and commitment towards the institution.