The Department organises an inter-collegiate fest – Resonance– every academic year, since 2014. It provides students an avenue to showcase their latent talent in numerous fields. Resonance is a word rich in meaning. It is the quality of possessing a “resonant’ or ‘reverberating tone of voice”. The Humanities fest is named Resonance, symbolising the dynamism of the department and its ability to mould young minds into future torch-bearers who go on to make lasting impact in all their endeavours.

The fest is regarded an integral part of the learning process and witnesses enthusiastic participation from colleges in and around Bengaluru. It brings the youth together to showcase their talents in various aspects of student life: be it art, academics etc. The fest represents a variety of academic and extra-curricular excellence displayed by students. It is a great opportunity to integrate students’ energy, dynamic potential and achievement. Various competitions are organised, some of which include poetry writing, psychodrama, collage making, spell bee, JAM, short film among others. These events offer them a platform to take their first step into a resonant and reverberating future.

Poetry provides the students with a safe way to vent, examine, and understand their feelings. Through raw expression of their thoughts and feelings, poetry also helps them become more attuned to what’s going on in their hearts and minds.

Psychodrama helps the students to improve their relationships and communication skills, enhance their life skills, express their feelings in a safe, supportive environment and experiment with new ways of thinking and behaving.

The students use the opportunity of Collage making as a means of exploring their emotions. It is best used by students to explore, individually or in groups, the meaning of concepts and ideas.

Spell Bee helps in promoting literacy among students by providing them with a positive goal to work towards, and give them a forum to display the fruits of their hard work and knowledge.

In the 2018-19 fest, students of the Department of Humanities had even set a platform for young entrepreneurs to sell their products, providing them a platform to learn leadership and business skills. Over ten food/market stalls were set up that gave a chance for students to turn their dream into a reality. This one-day fest has always been a bar raiser and sets the standard for the fests.

The Department of Humanities has always been, continues to be and will always remain as a department for innovation, education and fun.