Value Added Programs


Diploma in Advanced English Speaking (DAES) Programme is conducted by the Department of English every academic year. It is a 30-hour programme for students who wish to procure better English speaking and writing skills. Selected students from every first-year class are required to join the course, upon completion of which, they are awarded certificates.

The course relies on two modes of teaching: lecture- based and through utilization of Language Lab. The lecture-based mode revisits concepts of basic grammar, soft skills, reading comprehension and promotes vocabulary building. Based on these lessons, students are asked to complete and submit assignments online. The software in Language Lab aids in formulating reading or writing exercises and in developing the relevant skills, by increasing the level of difficulty with each class. Further, the course is designed to strengthen the Communication skills of students as well.

Students who fulfil the requirements of the course are awarded certificates attesting their proficiency in English language speaking. This certificate is especially useful to students who are graduating in courses other than English and helps promote their placement options.

Certificate Course

Certificate Course in Street Play, Mime and Proscenium

Certificate course is a course which provides extra information to students apart from classroom studies. Students are encouraged to enhance their talent and become professionally qualified in a competitive world through certificate programme.

Activities conducted by the Department
The Department of Humanities started one-month theatre workshop from the academic year 2017 – 2018. The department conducts the certificate course every year in association with Mr Rahul R Menon (Mask People Private limited, Bangalore). The programme focuses on story building, creative writing, brainstorming, scripting, screenplay, casting and music in street play, mime and proscenium. The duration of the course is one month with a time duration of 60 hrs. The objective of conducting the certificate course is formation of St. Claret’s Theatre Team and completion of solid plays. Students who took part in the certificate course performs street plays and mimes to create awareness on various social issues on several occasions. It provides practical and theoretical knowledge to appreciate theatre forms in relation with interdisciplinary contexts. Students are given opportunities to improve skills in theatre through various productions, internships, and workshops under the supervision of faculty mentors.

SI. No. Students Enrolled Academic Year Certificate course and Hours
1 18 2017-2018 Street Play/ Mime – 60 Hours
2 29 2018-2019 Street Play/ Mime – 60 Hours
3 30 2019-2020 Street Play/ Mime – 60 Hours