According to CBCS, 30% marks are allotted for internal assessment. In alignment with the norms of Bangalore University, the internal assessment marks shall be based on attendance, tests, seminars, assignments and presentations. 30 marks assigned for internal assessment shall be divided into the following components:

Component Marks Allotted
Attendance 5
Mid-semester Examinations 10
Preparatory Examinations 10
Assignments/ Presentations 5
Total 30

A candidate should have a minimum 75% attendance per semester, in each paper to be permitted to take the end-semester examinations. The marks for attendance will be awarded as follows:

Attendance Percentage Marks Allotted
91-100 5
86-90 4
81-85 3
75-80 2

Percentage of Marks Grade Interpretation
85-100 A+ Outstanding
75-84 A Very Good
65-74 B Good
55-64 C Average
45-54 D Below Average
40-44 E Poor
39 and below F Fail
FA Fails due to absence/attendance shortage