Management education is a popular course of study as it gives students various job opportunities and trains them to improve their self-confidence and learn to find out of the box ways to better hone their skills. Students learn to focus, build leadership skills, take decisions, think logically, work in a team and at the same time learn to be competitive through the curriculum as well as various add on programs designed for them.

About the Department:

SCC is one of the leading BBA colleges in Bangalore. The Department since its start in 2006 has focused on training the students to make them ready to enter the corporate and business world as budding managers and also as entrepreneurs. It has students from diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds and the class consists of students from local, national and international regions which makes it a very vibrant and diverse group.

In order to make the course more focused in terms of career planning and development, the college has introduced two new courses apart from the regular BBA program. These are:

BBA – Aviation and

BBA – Data Science (Analytics)

Courses Offered:

BBA – Bachelor of Business Administration

Bachelor of Business Administration is a 3 year (6 semesters) full time program offered by SCC in affiliation with Bangalore University. The objective of the program is to develop ethical managers with inter-disciplinary knowledge as well as entrepreneurs who can start independent business units.

BBA – Aviation 

With the growing demand for manpower in the aviation industry a specialised aviation course is being offered in SCC in collaboration with Bradford Aviation, Bangalore. The institution has over two decades of experience in the Airline Industry.

The team behind Bradford has extensive expertise working for and setting new trends in the operation and management of Airport & Airline Services across the globe and their placements and affiliated certifications are of the highest order.

  • Diploma in International Airport Operations & Airline Management- 500 hours.
  • 3 Months of paid Internship @ International Airlines/Airports.

The course will provide aspirants with a broad understanding of Greenfield Airport Operations (Terminal Operations, AOCC, Airside, and Landside Operations) & Airline Operations, prepare them with the knowledge to successfully address the operational and business needs of future airports.

The students will have Project Placement in International Airlines/Airports and Job Placements in International/Domestic Airlines/Airports

BBA- Data Science (Analytics)

Data Science is a blend of interdisciplinary fields like statistics, data management and technology which can be applied to almost every domain or industry to extract knowledge from data in various forms. Over the last decade there has been an enormous explosion in the data, often called as Big Data, generated and retained by various organizations. Data Scientists make sense out of all this Big Data by analysing it and figuring out immediately what can be done with this data for the progress of the organization.

Realizing the growing demand of Data Science and Business Analytics industry in the present world with multi fold increase in career opportunities, St. Claret College, in association with IMS Proschool, Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore offers the following program:

  • Diploma in Data Science (Analytics): 275 hours


Academic Programs and extra and co-curricular activities:

Apart from the prescribed curriculum there are various academic programs conducted by the department to provide the budding managers and entrepreneurs with the necessary skills and practical exposure. These are as follows:

Add on Courses

Keeping in mind the need to supplement the curriculum with additional inputs the following add on courses are offered to the students every semester in order to help the students enhance their knowledge and skills. These are conducted in the college independently or through linkages with other institutions.

SemesterAdd on course offered
ILSDP*, Spoken English and SAP
IILSDP, Soft Skills and SAP
IIILSDP, Advanced Microsoft Excel, Competitive Exam Coaching, SAP
IVLSDP, Tally, Competitive Exam Coaching, SAP
VPSDP**, Banking and Finance, Business Analytics, Competitive Exam Coaching, SAP
VIPSDP, Competitive Exam Coaching, SAP

*LSDP – Life Skills Development Program

**PSDP – Professional Skills Development Program

Guest lectures

Experts from industries are invited to interact with students and discuss various issues related to management. This helps the students to learn about the expectations from the industry and how to prepare themselves for their future role in business. They can learn and discuss the various practices in management.

Academic Projects and Internships

As a part of University curriculum, it is mandatory for the students to undertake project work during sixth semester. At SCC the students have to necessarily attend an internship program and learn about the organization, conduct a study based on any functional areas and to prepare a report based on the analysis of the study and this is submitted to the University.

Students are encouraged to spend some time with the company and learn about the processes and activities of the firms as this will provide them with essential practical exposure.


Industrial visits

Every year the students are taken to an industrial unit and encouraged to observe and learn the various manufacturing processes as well as see how the various departments function. The various industries range from small scale to large units to cooperatives etc

Industrial tour

Every alternate year students of II and III BBA go for an out of state industrial tour to see the industrial development in other states and also learn to travel and be together in a group. It is a good team building exercise and gives the students a lot of exposure. The last two tours were to Goa and Pune/Lonavala

Alumni Talk

The students are given a platform to interact with the alumni members to learn from them about their experiences since leaving the college and find out the expectations from the various industry segments so that they can be better prepared when they are ready to start their career.

Extension activities

The department engages in various socially useful outreach activities to teach students to be socially aware and to have concern for society. Some of these activities include support through donations in cash, kind and also spending time with people staying in various homes for the less privileged members of society, unaided schools, animal care etc.

Management Club- Elixir

The Management Club ‘Elixir’ aims at going beyond the classroom learning, promoting creative and innovative thinking in students. The club organizes events which try to cover every functional area of management through paper presentations, Group Discussions, Role Plays, Debates, Quizzes and other Management themed Competitions. The students are also sent to various colleges to take part in different events at the inter college level. These activities encourage students not only to learn to manage activities on their own but also supplement their professional development in understanding the subjects involved with better clarity.

Inter-collegiate Events:

Anveshan- Inter-collegiate Management Fest

‘Anveshan’- The Inter-collegiate Management Fest of SCC has gained a lot of popularity over the years. Participants come in huge numbers from various colleges across Bangalore to compete in various management related events. Anveshan not only provides a great platform to the participants but also to our students who organize the fest wherein they practically learn how to plan, organize, and execute the event successfully.

Paper presentation/Project presentation

Students from various colleges are invited to take part in paper presentations / project presentations organised by the department from time to time. This helps to bring about academic and research rigour.

Career Opportunities and Placement:

The career opportunities are enormous as the multidisciplinary aspect of the course makes BBA students eligible for various types of jobs in various industries. Students can take up jobs in different disciplines. Many of SCC’s students have been placed in reputed banks, IT firms, financial companies, retail, recruitment consultancies, manufacturing firms through the Placement and Career Guidance Cell (PCGC) of the college. A few students have also started their own businesses and a sizeable number have gone on for higher studies.