About Alumni Association

The Alumni Association of SCC aims to foster, maintain and support a mutually beneficial relationship between alumni and the institution. A strong body of faculty and students work hand in hand towards achieving the vision and mission of the association. The Alumni Association at SCC was launched with the first graduating batch in the year 2008.

The vision of SCC Alumni Association is to develop a global Claretine alumni community who support each other and are committed to SCC’s mission.

The mission of SCC Alumni Association is to engage and connect the alumni with their Alma Mater, serve the diverse needs and interests of the alumni and the student community and support the growth of the college.

● To promote interaction amongst members and to serve as a link between the members of the Alumni Association and their Alma Mater.
● To hold and organize periodical alumni meetings to discuss and carry out activities of the association.
● To mobilize and generate resources and funds to carry out the objectives of the association.
● To make available the expertise and experience of the alumni for the development of the college.
● To be of the service to the member, to the Alma Mater, the present student and to the society at large.
● To make bylaws, rules and regulations of Alumni Association and to amend, to change or add to the same as and when necessary