Alumni Testimonials

It was a great pleasure to be a part of St. Claret College where I could grow. It gave me an opportunity to meet amazing people who are still great friends and faculty who helped guide me to my current career. It gave me an opportunity to excel in my area of interest.

Avinash Joseph

Automation Test Lead
Cognizant Technology Solutions

Throughout my three years of amazing journey at St. Claret, I had endless opportunities to develop leadership and managerial skills for which I am highly obliged. St. Claret has provided me roots to follow my dreams and passion and I am exploring my potential in every sphere of life.I owe gratitude to my Alma Mater for enabling each one of us to believe that we are special and for preparing us to embrace the evolving challenges that we come across. Claret is the best place to be in for valuable learning and the road to success.

Divya Ramakrishnan

Application Development Analyst

It is at St. Claret College, my alma mater, where my early days of formation began, I was given a firm foundation to my career, trained in the right skill sets for a rewarding career in the IT sector. It is my privilege to recommend St. Claret College as an institution for formal and holistic training and development. Come, be a part of the Claretine family and culture.

Simon Sebastian

Senior Software Engineer
Tech Machinery Labs, Bangalore

The lush green campus backed by astonishing infrastructure, studying in St. Claret College gave me a lead with a lifelong career excellence. I thank my college for giving me a platform where I could nurture myself and I am very thankful to the faculty who helped enhance my skills and support me. My education here was an experience for lifetime and will stay with me forever.

Rekha M.

Associate Senior Software Engineer
Cerner Healthcare Solutions India Pvt. Ltd.

My experience as an undergraduate at St. Claret College was amazing, not just the curriculum, it molded me to improve my self-confidence and played a key role in shaping my career. The dedication and support from the faculty was always remarkable. I am truly blessed to be part of the Claretine family!

Riya Rapheal

Software Test Engineer
Mavenir Systems, Bangalore

At St. Claret College, amidst the state-of-the-art infrastructure accompanied by highly intellectual, experienced and supportive faculty members, I witnessed my skill and competence rising to a zenith. The learner-centric environment crafted here not only trained us in the academic curriculum but also motivated us to look far beyond it. An exposure of international tech and innovation competitions inspired us to expand our horizon of knowledge.

Akhil P. Nair

Sr. Compliance Associate
Amazon Development Centre India

The time I spent at SCC is one of the most important phase of my life. This experience has given me confidence and prepared me to face the competitive world. The balance between academic learning, social engagement and supporting teachers makes Claret a wonderful place!!

Suraj Thomas

Senior Catalogue Executive
MinsterFB, UK

Claret is an epitome of positivity. It has got everything a student would want to succeed and get the best of college life. Perfect ambience, right blend of teachers, resourceful library, well equipped labs, ample opportunities to take part in extracurricular activities and the list goes on. Claret has not just helped me realize my potential but also pushed me to dream big. The college has helped me grow progressively in my professional and personal life. Forever, a proud Claretine!

Ms Sidhi Menon U.

Seller Onboarding Associate

My life at St Claret College as a BBA student has given me a wonderful & wholesome experience. I sincerely thank my ever inspiring mentor who has guided me throughout. Claret is a second home to explore one’s passion with an ocean of opportunities.

Mr. Jithin Joy

Fraud Specialist
JP Morgan Chase

I have spent some of the happiest and most memorable times at St. Claret College. I could develop a strong relationship with my peers and faculty. The quality of lecturing, resourceful classroom settings and the infrastructure brings about the best in us. I would really appreciate our dedicated teachers and all non-teaching staff at St. Claret, for their inputs and efforts to improve our knowledge, attitude, and perceptions better than before. The Placement Department has provided a lot many opportunities and guidance to gain good knowledge about a working environment, from the scratch to get placed in a reputed organization. I’m a proud Claretine.

Anagha M. K.

Service communications specialist
Refinitiv An LSEG Business

It gives me great pleasure to say that I completed my Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration from St. Claret College. I am eternally grateful especially towards the faculty and the administration who have shaped me into the person I am today by teaching and guiding me to make smart decisions both professionally and personally. St Claret College is well equipped with facilities and also offers a plethora of fests for each department that help us learn and grow as a team as well as an individual. Most importantly, our college is keen on diversity, which I think is very important considering we are from a country with many cultures and ethnicities and therefore welcomes international students as well. I am grateful for the friends I have made in this college that have been there every step of the way.

Wadeisa Lyngdoh Mawphlang

SPS Associate

St Claret has taught me to balance academics as well as my talents which has helped me to build my own fortune today. Proud to be a Claretine.

Daice Paul


When I reflect on my three years at St Claret Degree College, I conclude that the experience not only made me a better person, but also prepared me in unpredictable ways for my career. Through college sessions with incredibly supportive classmates,and professors who were nothing short of champions, I was challenged to discover a voice I didn’t know I had. That voice has played a central role in my career and as a management student.

Having been shaped in part by the collegial and creative, yet rigorous, environment at St Claret, I found myself able to communicate, innovate, and collaborate in ways that enabled me to build a successful communications consulting practice, and eventually to find a rewarding career at one of the Big 4's. In my current role as an Associate at PwC, I draw every day on the dispositions I developed during my time at Claret. It was a wonderful time in my life, and the best educational experience I’ve had.

Vinam Gokhale

PricewaterhouseCoopers AC

SCC is a campus which is filled with positive vibes and the campus has very good infrastructure and up-to-date equipment to cater to the needs of budding students and also we have amazing faculty fraternity to guide us through our journey. I love SCC and I am a proud Claretine.

Shiviya Davis

M.Com II year
Kristu Jayanthi College

I am really very thankful to all the faculty members of SCC for their continuous efforts and support. I feel privileged to get excellent academic experience. I cherish every moment spent at St. Claret College, be it with the faculty or with my dear friends. My graduation at St. Claret College has been a very interesting and awesome journey. Really miss those college days. Those were the best days of my life.

Likitha Vijay Bhaskar

Pursuing CA

St Claret College has been an enthralling experience from day one. It instilled in me numerous qualities and life-skills that are very much relevant to industrial requirements. It was never just learning from books rather we applied what we learnt in every sphere. We’re not just taught subjects but we’re taught how to be ideal citizens and equip us to be leaders wherever we go.

Teena Benny Thomas

Junior Accountant
Charterd House Dubai

St. Claret College is a great place to learn. Not just in terms of education but also in terms of discipline. The standard of teaching is excellent. The institution groomed us well on how to be professional and face various career challenges through many personality development programs. Delightful encouragement in cultural and sports activities provides the students with various opportunities. I’m grateful for all the support and I’m glad that I was part of the institution for those 3 years. Thank you!


Accounts officer
Brindhavan Enterprises

SCC is more than just a college. We're a family! Who knew that a girl with stage-fright, could transform into an orator! I am very grateful to SCC. The college not only helped me discover myself, but also taught me how to be brave.

Gaadha B

Batch of 2019.
Pursuing Masters in Commerce from Kristu Jayanti College, Bangalore.

Firstly, I am so excited to share my experience I had at St. Claret College. Indeed, it was that blissful time in my life. Whether it is building my career or learning new things, Claret stands out because my teachers and principal were so very motivating and encouraging. They helped me to find myself in the best way. I am very happy to be part of the Claretine family.

Jisha T. Shaji

Talent HR

St. Claret has a beautiful green campus with diverse range of faculty and students offering ample learning opportunities in cultural and academics. You could be from any walk of life, the 3 years’ journey here, will be life-defining moments. St. Claret College adequately enriches the students to frame the future they want.

Antony Joseph Gilbert

CA Intermediate

I stepped into Claret with much confusion and sooner they turned into affirmations - that's how my journey was. The management, particularly the support extended by the then principal, Fr. Dr. Sabu George and the Vice Principal Fr. Vineeth George were praise-worthy.Apart from academics, the prominence given to develop life skills and professional grooming is commendable. St. Claret is the realm of exploration that has aced the right blend of strictness and freedom, and I am delighted to be a part of this highly reputed institution. I wish you all success and wait for St. Claret College to become St. Claret University at the earliest!

Athulya Krishna

Pursuing CA Articleship
Chandran and Raman Chartered Accountants, Bangalore

It was my immense luck and fortune to be the part of St. Claret College. During my stay of 3 years at SCC, I came across various people of different nationalities and culture. I received a lot of opportunities to groom myself, thanks to my ever inspiring mentors who helped me to discover the talented part of myself and my 3 years were great and a memory to cherish for lifetime.

Pooja Vinod

Pursuing M.Com
Kristu Jayanti College

The five years of my journey at Claret made a remarkable change in my life both personally and professionally. I was a very diffident student, but after joining Claret, especially my post-graduate (M.Com) studies made a remarkable change in me. SCC provided me the best possible platform and infrastructure to excel in my career. The Placement Cell helped me gain not only theoretical but also practical knowledge through internships and live projects.

Sharath Kumar S.

Assistant Professor, Department of Commerce, TTM
St. Claret College

A wonderful environment and wonderful people, what is not beautiful there? Everything in claret is just amazing. I'm very proud to say that I am forever a Claretine. My 15 years of journey as a student in claret was just phenomenal and unforgettable. If you ask me, that's the best place to make memories with your homies. No stressing though, but when it comes to the faculties in there, they are the best who not just educated us but also showed us their love, care and gave us moral support as well.

Stany Prithvi


SCC helped me become more confident and composed. My responsibility and the leadership of NSS was enduring in the field of service and personal growth. I was encouraged to explore my passions and it helped me become a successful entrepreneur in my life.

Sharan Kumar S.

Co-founder (Entrepreneur)
Sri Sai Interiors

Firstly, I am so excited to share my experience I had at St. Claret College. Indeed, it was that blissful time in my life. Whether it is building my career or learning new things, Claret stands out because my teachers and principal were so very motivating and encouraging. They helped me to find myself in the best way. I am very happy to be part of the Claretine family.

Philip D. Mathew

Pursuing MBA
Kristu Jayanti College

Joining St. Claret College has been the best decision of mine. The institution with its well experienced teachers, helped me choose my goal. I completed BA (Economics, Psychology, Optional English) from SCC,where I was exposed to different dynamics and deciding my goal was very much supported and encouraged by the faculty. Not only in academics, the institution gave me an opportunity to expose my talents. My three years at St. Claret College, most importantly, made me a disciplined person and hence I am a proud Claretine forever.

Ms. Jagriti Bakshi

Currently pursuing MA English Literature
Mount Carmel College

A college is a place that shapes a student’s identity, helps one evolve as both a student and as a person and definitely sets forth a path for further exploration. St. Claret College has been that and much more to me. The college with its beautiful infrastructure has been welcoming and sets the tone for the students. It provides an ambience that is hard to miss. Teachers here add an exquisite layer to this place not just by their skills but also in the way they connect to the students. Teacher-student relationship here nurtures both the mind and soul, and helps form relationships that are long-lasting and enriching. Every faculty and non-faculty of St. Claret looks at the college and its members as a big family and the same is imbibed in each of us. Overall, I consider myself to be blessed and proud to be associated with St. Claret College, first as a student, then as an alumnus and forever as an admirer.

Ms. Lidia Fernandez

MPhil Clinical Psychology Trainee
JSS Medical College and Hospital, Mysore

Being a part of SCC has always been special for me. Looking back, I can surely say that SCC shaped my career. Throughout my academic stay here, I discovered capabilities and skills that I never knew I had within.Being a part of SCC has always been special for me. Looking back, I can surely say that SCC shaped my career. Throughout my academic stay here, I discovered capabilities and skills that I never knew I had within.

Mr. Mathew R. K.

Well Being Officer
Karnataka State Police

Go with dreams and Claret will work on it!
Yes, Claret has provided me with roots to follow my dreams and passion and today I keep exploring my potential in every sphere of life. Graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Arts, I pursued studies in the field of English and bagged the University Gold Medal for Masters in Arts. I have always gone where there is no path and left a trail for others to follow with a touch of creativity, and for all this grooming and learning, I express my gratitude to my Alma Mater. The mentorship provided in a variety of contexts and the myriad of other ways, shaped and prepared me for the outside world.

Ms. Jeslin G

Assistant Professor Department of Basic Sciences, Engineering and Humanities
ATRIA Institute of Technology

Three years in St. Claret College totally changed me as a person. This statement might sound cliché to many, however the three years that I spent in Claret definitely molded me into the person I am today. I still remember the day I walked into Claret with my parents, my mind quite wary and filled with nervousness as the very science centered career that I had dreamed and desired off, quietly slipping away from my hands. I entered Claret to just talk about possible degree options as I was unsure of the career path that I need to take. We met with the then Vice Principal and the current Principal,

Ms. Ruby John

Registered Behaviour Technician (RBT) Behaviour Therapist,
Shining Through Center for Children with Autism. Toronto, Canada.

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My three years at St. Claret College were memorable. The faculty was a big contributor to the overall development of my personality. College life was an amalgamation of fun, learning, and getting to know how things work in the real world.I got several opportunities that helped me establish my leadership and managerial skills. I am thankful to my mentors who supported me throughout and helped me, not just in academics, but also in other practical aspects of life.

Ms. Vaishnavi Vaidyanathan

Deputy Chief Copy Editor

St. Claret College has a mellowing environment. It is an institute that functions on principles, it helps in moulding your cultural and art interest. I have learnt to be responsible and to take initiatives.The academics curriculum is something that helps in coping up with the dynamic job market. I have personally seen the growth and exposure a student can undergo at St. Claret College. I believe that all my professors from the PG department of Commerce played an important role in providing me opportunities to grow and succeed in choosing my career. I would like to thank St. Claret College management and the entire PG department of Commerce for everything they have done through motivating and guiding my path to success.

Regina Rejith

HR (IT Recruiter)
TEKsystems, Bangalore

When I first entered St. Claret College as an M. Com student, I was surprised by the beautiful campus. It was a wonderful experience in St. Claret when compared with my previous placeof education. St Claret College focused on my overall development rather than focusing only on academics. I am grateful to the faculty of the PG department of Commerce for being so supportive and molding my life.

Prakasha S.

Sandler and Travis Trade Advisory Services

It was my career best experience to spend two years at St. Claret College, Bangalore. It was my great opportunity at SCC where I was taught by experienced faculty who supported me in experiencing my intellectual skills and which now is benefiting my career. The exposure that I had in M. Com is a memorable experience for lifetime. I am very thankful to all the faculty of the college who supported us to the next level and the friends out there; the moments with them are close to my heart. My education and moments from St. Claret College remain forever with me.

Mathews Abraham

Trade & Transaction Analyst
Deutsche Bank Operations International (DBOI)

College life is a perfect blend of joy as well as leadership. My experience at St. Claret College is always memorable. The college was too supportive not only in academics but also in co-curricular and extracurricular activities. It is because of the constant support and encouragement given by the institution, I was able to represent Karnataka in Volleyball at national level. The institution has really helped me to grow in each and every possible way and has given an identity to me. Throughout the journey of 19 years (KG – PG) one thing I have learnt is that hard work does not go empty handed. I am very thankful to the faculty who gave me the knowledge and confidence that has brought a new dimension into my life to achieve a successful career. I feel so grateful to be a part of the Claretine family.

Vikshith G. N.

Gallagher Service Centre LLP
Process Associate – F&A

I'm Varalakshmi S., who studied M. Com at St Claret College; I had a great experience in two years. The academic, cultural, technical programs and departments activities were very impressive. I learnt many things in Claret: the discipline, the procedures and the all systematic process is unexplainable.
We had a great batch with a lot of friends and fun. Miss those beautiful days with our batch mates in Claret. I feel like if I suddenly get an opportunity to get back two years like a magic, I would love to study once again with our batch mates at Claret. Proud to be a Claretine.

Varalakshmi S.

Operations Dept.,

I was an M. Com student at St Claret College from 2017 to 2019. Life at SCC was awesome. The relationship between faculty and students was very cordial. The campus environment is vibrant. SCC gave us a good classroom atmosphere, academics, research knowledge, cultural, technical knowledge, sports and so many. The academic experience with the learned team was really helpful to excel in my career. The teaching methodologies backed by practical skills and industry interface have given me the confidence to pursue my career ahead. Thank you, SCC.

Harshitha J. S.

Junior Accountant
Infosys BPM Ltd.

It has been a great experience being a part of St. Claret College for two years in M. Com which not only provided me with quality education but also has helped me to groom my overall personality. We have been blessed with amazing faculty who have been successful in engraving on us the sense of responsibility, curiosity and the fire to go beyond our capacity. I am sure the upcoming batches of St. Claret will continue the rich legacy and make us all proud.

Jyothika Krishnan

Deutsche bank
Trade and transaction analyst

SCC imprinted in me unforgettable memories. It has great environment for prosperous thinking and for enlightening the young minds. SCC provides the right exposure for students and makes them confident. Various creative and meaningful activities and the green campus present educational process and programs in a congenial manner. I am thankful to my college and the faculty and the memories cannot be replaced in a lifetime.

Shobha H. N.

Commerce Lecturer
Jnana Mandira Degree College

I would like to start with a quote, 'The roots of education are bitter but the fruit is sweet.'
St. Claret College has provided me a platform to realize my potential and to make the best use of it. I have not only got the opportunity for studies but also for other curricular activities as well.
SCC was not a college to me but it was like a family and becoming a Claretine was one of the best. I am a proud Claretine.

Sony Anna Thomas

Department - Associate Claims
Legato health technologies

My Master's at St. Claret College was great and a memory to cherish for lifetime. It was full of learning and grooming oneself. Gaining knowledge is an endless process but shaping attitude has always been the first step towards the journey of success. Eminent faculty, guest lecturers, student development program, internship, workshop and live project have sharpened my skills and encouraged my will to achieve all that I desire for. The two years spent in M. Com have been full of learning opportunities that were fun and frolic, and sometimes with academic grind that one has to go through. The institution has provided me roots to follow my dreams and passion and I am exploring my potential in every sphere of life.

Chaithra N.

Gallagher Service Centre LLP
Process Associate – F&A

The values and culture I imbibed from my two years of MSW at St. Claret was inspiring and helped cultivate positive outlook towards future. Strongly committed and motivating mentors, finest infrastructure facilities and peaceful ambiance of the campus have enabled me to widen and expand my knowledge base too. Claret nurtures us with cognitive skills that have opened doors for me to walk into a highly rewarding professional career. I am glad to start my career with organization like Entrepreneurship Development Institute in India soon after I finished MSW. Faculty members had a very positive influence on me. I learned from my professors to aim for the sky and yet remain grounded to the earth. I also realized that no matter what, finally it is goodness that prevails. It is this realization that has urged me to excel and yet be calm and humane in this fiercely shrewd and competitive field.

Anjana K. R.

I, Pavan, extend my sincere gratitude to St. Claret College for helping me in building my career. The institute provided me with all possible platforms and exposed me to the outer world. The faculty have been very caring. I studied Master of Commerce (Accounting and Taxation) stream and am currently working as Global HR in Gallagher company (US insurance-based Company). The Placement Cell at SCC helped me to gain the knowledge of taking the interview and giving the interview for companies and all the soft skills which were easily taught by them to develop both professional and personal skills. I am very thankful to all my lecturers and SCC. Thank you for making me who I am.

Pavan H. S.

Global HR Analyst,
Gallagher, Bangalore

In my college life, along with study, I learnt many new things which shaped my future. It was very much different from school life. My experience in Claret was very productive; I learnt a lot of things in developing my career and adapting to new things. I am very grateful to our professors who had been very supportive and friendly with us. College canteen was also awesome; a good place to chill & relax. I enjoyed my college days very much. Those memories will stay forever in my heart.


Assistant Accountant
Sami Sabinsa Group Limited

While there is a lot that the real world teaches you, only a good institution can prepare you to handle those experiences and St. Claret College played the role of my mentor. The institution broadened my perspectives, not only on M. Com subjects, but also on personal qualities like being a good listener, confident speaker, ethical conduct and most importantly, being humane. Proud to be a CLARETINE.


HSBC India

College is a student's dreamland, where one can advance one’s career, broaden one’s knowledge, and create everlasting memories. St. Claret College was indeed a "Dreamland" with excellent infrastructure, supportive faculty, and amazing friends. The friendly attitude of the professors and their willingness to offer a helping hand has made me feel a part of the Claretine family. The two years spent in M. Com has been an excellent memory to cherish for a lifetime. It has helped me grow both personally and professionally. I am happy to be a part SCC. Always a proud Claretine.

Alay P.

Ph.D. Scholar
Christ (Deemed to be University)

St. Claret College has been a great contributor to the development of my personality. I have established my time management and team skills and also have been able to advance these skills to the whole new level. The infrastructure of St. Claret College is one of the finest in the North Bangalore region. The best thing about this college is the cross-culture interaction between students from various parts of the world. The professors/lecturers here made the college what it is today. They are always ready to help. I treasure for life my memories of SCC.

Maria Rosalina

Legato Health Technologies LLP