Claret Center for Consultancy and Skills Training (C3ST)

Over the last decade and a half, St. Claret College, Bangalore (SCC) has been engaged in the noble endevour of moulding the youth into competent professionals who display a strong sense of responsibility towards the society at large. Having been recognised and awarded by multiple stakeholders for its contributions towards the society, SCC, deems it its own responsibility to share its bank of qualified and competent resources for others to utilise and tread the challenging yet exciting path of personal and professional growth. The Claret Centre for Consulting and Skills Training (C3ST) was established with the aim to associate, collaborate with and assist other institutions and organisations in helping them to shape and achieve their aspirations. The C3ST looks to engage the students and faculty members of schools and colleges through exciting activity based workshops and seminars across different fields that enhance the productive and creative skills for a sustainable career. The centre also engages with corporate houses for life skills training for employees and offers activity based sessions that help in team building and strategy formulations. C3ST has been engaging young minds across parts of India to ensure a better future for all thereby making its contribution towards a skill based, sustainable and self- reliant India.


  1. To provide high-quality consulting and skills training services to schools, colleges, and other institutions across India with the aim of enhancing the productive and creative skills of students and faculty members.
  2. To offer innovative and activity-based workshops and seminars across different fields that will equip students and faculty members with the necessary skills to navigate the rapidly changing professional landscape.
  3. To collaborate with corporate houses to offer life skills training to employees, including team-building and strategy formulation sessions, with the aim of enhancing their productivity, creativity and problem-solving abilities.
  4. To promote the idea of a skill-based, sustainable and self-reliant India by engaging young minds across the country, thus making a significant contribution towards the nation's economic growth and development.

The Logo:

The logo is symbolic of what C3ST stands for. The three pillars represent the three target audience that C3ST caters to namely, corporate houses, teachers and students. The aim is to help these three segments reach their aspirations by sharing our resources with them and be a partner in their journey of growth. The top part represents a mountain peak often associated with excellence. Our aim is to help our partners reach the summit of their performance through sharing our skills, knowledge and expertise. The entire LOGO together is in the form a pencil that represents who we are at our core, an educational institution fostering knowledge and learnings.