Office of International Relations at St. Claret College

The Office of International Relations at SCC builds and maintains the institution’s network with overseas partners. The office also initiates and develops international programs and events. SCC’s doors are open for institutions, researchers and students to join us to undertake collaborative projects and help develop human intellectual capability to its fullest potential.

For upscaling the knowledge, skills of stakeholders, the institution welcomes partnerships of students, scholars, academic leaders, and university professionals from across the globe. Such networks will forge fruitful and mutually beneficial partnerships with far-reaching impact.

Objectives of OIR

  • To seek and develop collaborative strategic partnerships with reputed institutions around the world.
  • To create and manage innovative and enlightening international programs.


For more details, contact:

Dr. Harmeet Matharu
International Relations Officer
Office of International Relations
St. Claret College
Jalahalli, Bangalore 560 013, India
Tel.: 9632085608