The Library advisory committee has representatives from every department who facilitate the smooth functioning of the library, safeguard the interest of all sections of the library users, formulate policies, rules & regulations and implement the library policies in a judicious manner. Overall, the Library Advisory Committee addresses issues, problems and concerns related to the library and makes recommendations to the management on library related matters.


Faculty Representatives
Sl. No Name Designation Department
1 Rev. Dr. Thomas V. Thennadiyil Principal Humanities
2 Ms. Rony Geo Alex Co-ordinator Asst. Prof. – Master of Social Work
3 Ms. Priscilla Nancy S Librarian Library and Resource Centre
4 Mr. Suresha N Librarian Library and Resource Centre
5 Mr Abin Baby Member Asst. Prof. – Commerce
6 Mr. Shivaprasad Member Asst. Prof – Management
7 Ms Renita Blossom Monterio Member Asst. Prof - Computer Science
8 Mr. Vineeth R Member Asst. Prof. – Humanities
9 Dr. Supriya Singh Member Asst. Prof. – Language
10 Mr. Sharath Kumar S Member Asst. Prof. – Commerce TTM
11 Clinton Joseph Daniel Intern Student – BA - III Year
12 Priya S Intern Student – B.Com – II Year