Student Quality Assurance Cell (SQAC)

SQAC is the Student Quality Assurance Cell, a part of the Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) is framed to address administrative prerequisites with respect to the foundation with respect to understudy inclusion in quality affirmation. Students' role adds an important dimension to the decision-making process in quality improvement and sustenance. The IQAC interacts with members of SQAC in all matters of academics and encourages student’s participation in the quality initiatives of the IQAC including voice their views and opinion in matters of College Governance.

➢ To encourage quality initiatives amongst the students and promote a holistic environment in the department as well as institution.
➢ To improve the academic and administrative performance of the Institution by incorporating student’s perspectives in all academic matters.
➢ To support the institution in all its academic endeavours, help to create a learner-centric environment, internalize the quality culture and institutionalize the best practices that are followed by the Institution.
➢ To facilitate the students to play a supportive roll in enhancing and assuring quality in education delivery service and activities of student’s associations.
➢ To help evolve conscious and catalytic systems at the student level in the institution towards quality sustenance and enhancement


With the help of Department, Contribution towards Quality for Students
✓ Assisting Special Programmes for Advanced Learner
✓ Peer Mentoring/ Student Study Circle
✓ Seminars & Talks on Quality
✓ Helping teachers in Peer Teaching Learning & Tutorial
✓ Participating Hackathon/Boot Camp/Start up Competition/Project Work/Research

Contribution towards Feedback Process
✓ Parents
✓ Industry Experts/Academicians/Executives of professional bodies.
✓ Alumni
✓ Collection of exit feedback from final year student

Contribution towards Quality for College
✓ Assisting the IQAC in collection of data on student activities and placements.
✓ Helping IQAC in organizing workshops/conferences and enrichment sessions.
✓ Assisting IQAC in creation of comprehensive reports/write-ups/ newsletters/ e-material
✓ Campus Cleanliness/Neighbourhood Extension Programme/Outreach Programme

Involvement in SWOT Analysis
✓ Identification of the strengths and weaknesses the courses/ programs.