Best Practices

Voyage: The Department organizes a week long fest and rightly named it as VOYAGE. The students will be given the opportunity to host several activities for each day of the week based on certain themes forming part of the tourism sector.

Tourism Lab: a professional forum to increase the tourism skills in the students. Cherchier– intra collegiate project report competation- organised by the department of to increase the research aptitude in the students.

Internships: students of the department are encouraged to undertake internships in corporate and NGO during the semester breaks.

Industrial Visits: Visit to centres of learning like IITM, Bangalore Rounds, HAL Museum

Study Tours: As a part of active learning methods students are undertaken to various study tours from a fortnightly to few days.

Add-on Programs: inculcating the industry requirements and increasing employability by providing add-on programs to the students of the department.