Other Departmental Activities

Extension Activities
The objective in conducting extension activities is to impart a sense of moral and social well-being among the students. They learn the importance of sustainable development through the activities organised by the department towards extension activities. There are social activities organised by the department like Awareness programs, Orphanage visits and contributions in money and kind to the needy. The activities to name a few were a visit to the Vallab Niketan Ashram, Swachh Bharat Abhiyan awareness, Leprosy Awareness in association with Primary Health Care of the concerned area etc.

Core Value week Celebration
Department of Commerce TRAVEL AND TOURISM celebrates value week where the eight core values of the institution Faith in God, Justice, Truthfulness & Personal Integrity, Respectful Rationality, Service, Synergic Co-operation, Intellectual Competence, Holistic Development’s message are imbibed. The importance of developing these values in one’s personal and professional life and make them socially responsible, morally just, spiritually vibrant, culturally sensitive global citizens.