Department of Sciences

The Department of Science at St. Claret College prepares students for the challenges of science and information technology by providing them with a comprehensive education and training. The Department works hard to ensure that students are prepared for the workforce by enhancing the curriculum in accordance with current industry standards. Academic instruction in the classroom is enhanced by supplementary and specialized courses. Students' confidence is increased by the Department's experiential learning strategy, IMPELZ, which creates knowledge by transforming experience. Students are provided with a unique learning experience by the Department's e-learning activities, skill development seminars, peer teaching, and extension programmes. Through its value-added programmes, which it offers in collaboration with reputed organizations, students' technical abilities are improved, opening up better employment options. The Department's students receive ongoing encouragement and direction, which enables them to achieve Bangalore University academic ranks.

The Department coordinates various skill enhancement activities such as MAGNIX and INTEGRATE by the Science Club. To gain authentic information about the functioning of companies, students of the Department are provided opportunities for educational trips and industrial visits. The Department makes sure that the students who are interested to start their career soon after their graduation will get placed in a reputed company, when they are either in V or VI semesters, with the help of the Training and Placement Centre (TPC) of SCC. The Department with the support of PCGC has been placing graduates in MNCs such as Infosys, Wipro Technologies, Tech Mahindra, Cognizant, Samsung, HP, Deloitte and TCS etc. The SAMVIT, the International Conference of the Department on relevant topics unfolds knowledge enrichment among the faculty to contribute further to the teaching-learning process.