B.Com Professional with CA

The B.Com with CA course is one of the newly introduced course offered by St. Claret College, the course offers quality education in B.Com and Chartered Accountancy along with high technology and job oriented skill development certificates and add on programs . The classes are handled by K2 learning team of highly qualified faculty members, who are both committed and student-friendly. The practice of case-study based teaching with the use of multi-media and interactive sessions with the students is intended to make them feel more comfortable with the subjects offered which they can grasp with ease and clean.

Department regularly conducts ‘soft skills development’ sessions with the purpose of changing their personality into a proactive and enlightened one. Every paper starting from semester I contains an element of evaluation on the basis of completion of syllabus. Each one is further motivated to go for internship at the end of the 1st year, so that they have enough of industry exposure. This is a value-addition to their degree which provides competitive edge in the market when they seek for placement, on-campus / off-campus who want to build career in the field of Accounting. All this together with the advantage of a degree from Bangalore University along with the option of choice based credit system makes the B.com Professional program a very job focused professional program.


  • The faculty members are from the CA fraternity with vast experience in teaching and industry.
  • The classrooms are well equipped with ICT to cater to the needs of the students.
  • The course aims at providing comprehensive insights into the Accounting, Logical Reasoning, Mercantile Law, Economics, Finance, etc.
  • The coaching helps students handle any challenges, acquire knowledge and skills they critically need to compete and survive in today’s modern business world.


  • The students with enriched knowledge will be able to join the top tier industries.
  • Bridge the gap between industry and academic field and to increase internationally employable skill sets of students simultaneously when they pursue any of the professional degree programs