Best Practices


The Department of Humanities at St. Claret College constantly innovates to offer its students the best learning experience. There are several innovative practices aimed at orienting students to research and enquiry through critical, analytical and interdisciplinary learning. The department ensures a balance of theoretical learning and practical experience which prepares the students to meet the challenges ahead of them.

Our leading best and innovative practices are described below:
Student Conferences
Since the academic year 2012-13 Student Conferences have become a regular annual event of the Department of Humanities. Students of Humanities from various colleges of the state present papers at the conference on a theme determined by the organizing committee. Several students of the Department of Humanities present papers at the event. The best papers are rewarded. The students of the department take care of the organization of the event. The event orients the students towards research, inquiry and critical thinking, in addition to enhancing their organizational skills.

Practical Learning Avenues
The Department supplements classroom learning with hands-on learning experience to students. Journalism students visit print and television media houses for their experiential learning. They are also involved in writing, editing, and publishing in-house news bulletins. Photography and video shooting and editing are strong components of the Journalism programme. Similarly, students of Psychology visit mental health and rehabilitation centers to relate their theoretical learning to real-life situations. Through Humanities Club, students are provided with several opportunities to showcase their talent and bring out student creativity.

Outreach Activities
To realize the mission of SCC of forming socially just men and women who will advance a civilization of love and harmony, the Department of Humanities organizes several outreach programmes. These programmes include our students teaching the lesser privileged students in government schools, visiting orphanages and homes for the elderly, raising funds to provide for inmates in such places. These activities make our students sensitive to the questions of social justice and an equitable society. A recent extension activity organised by the department was a literacy-awareness drive for BBMP workers with an aim to improve their literacy in English and Kannada languages apart from gaining basic insights on Mathematics and Personal hygiene. The initiative received boundless appreciation from various fronts, especially from the recipients of this programme, which made the experience all the more valuable and satisfying.