Tourism Club

The Department of commerce – Travel and Tourism has formed a tourism club to have a student charter community consisting of student and faculty of who will ensure proliferation of the thoughts of tourism and hospitality in the minds of students, teachers and society at large.

Vision – Enabling the students to enhance skills required for sustainable development of the tourism industry and to stay on line with the counterpart academic courses.

Mission – To facilitate the students to portray their skills through various activities enabing them to improve their accountability, productivity and customer service aspects.

Objectives –
Creating awareness among the students about tourism activities in general.
To help them discover and develop their potential in tourism business.
Create platform for students to have an area for idea sharing/discussion related to current activities of tourism, nurturing of business ideas.

Acrivities – Through various activities, the club enhances the soft skills of its members and trains them in the functional areas of tourism. It is a forum for claretines to develop relations with business world through visits internships, and interactions.

Learning Outcomes – Students part of the tourism club are able to learn about the methods of planning events in the department. The students are also engaged in many training sessions for fests competitions for inter collegeite events. The students part of the club also engage in workshops.

Achievements – The club organises various activities both intra department and inter departments in the form of competitions and fests. The club ensures that the World Tourism Day is a grandeur in all sense. Tourism week and a one day Kite Festival are among the initiatives taken up by the department and the tourism club which received humungous appreciation