Internship Programs

NGO Internships
The department initiated the NGO internship programme with the objective to facilitate students, learning opportunities outside the classroom. Internship programs are designed to offer exposure to students from varied academic and professional backgrounds. These experiences provide the opportunity to apply classroom theory to “real world” situations, thus enhancing the students’ academic and career goals. All the students are involved themselves in different NGO’s for a week period during their first semester vacation. NAMS Sehasadan, Mother Teresa Home, Amba, Birds of Air , Kruthagyatha Trust, Jerish Trust, Nemmadi Trust and Sparsha Trust are some of the NGO’s served by students. The experience and skills that they gain through the internship helps them to transform themselves into a better student, better prospective employee, and overall a better human being.

NGO Internship at ‘NAMS Sneha Sadan’

Corporate Internships
Corporate Internship was initiated to facilitate students with the corporate experience. The purpose of the internship is to provide real-world experience that enable students to put everything they have learnt into action. Corporate internship can help the students gain skills that can be applied to their future jobs. This practical experience provides the opportunity to enhance ‘the students’ academic and career goals. All the students take up the interest to learn something new by involving themselves in different Corporate Companies during their second semester vacation. The students work as interns for a period of 40 days. The experience and skills they gain through internship helps them to mould themselves into a better prospective employee who could take up the challenges of present corporate world with more zeal and confidence.

Students involved in Corporate Internship