Vocational Training

Vocational training is training for a specific career or trade which focuses on the practical application of the skills learned. The hands on training in the respective trade will enable the learner to gain expertise in their field of interest.

Vocational Training on Jewellery Making
The PG Department of commerce conducted the vocational training programme on Jewellery making to the students of the department. The 12 hours programme had sessions on making of ear rings, bangles and chains using quilling paper and silk threads. The main goal of conducting the programme was to enable the students to learn and develop creative and technical skills to produce aesthetically pleasing hand-made jewellery items with quilling paper and silk thread. On completion of the programme, the students were able to make handmade jewellery items out of quilling paper and silk thread. The students could use the self-made jewellery and also sell it to others to earn their own income.

Glimpses of the Vocational Training on Jewellery Making